Limited Scope Legal Representation
Limited scope legal services,  also referred to as “unbundled legal services," was created for people who either do not want to hire a lawyer for all purposes or who want to keep costs down.  It is a departure from full scope representation where the lawyer handles all aspects of a matter.  In limited scope representation, the client and the lawyer agree on which tasks the lawyer will handle, and which tasks the client will handle.  A few examples are listed below.
  1. The client may hire the attorney to draft and file pleadings,  while the client represents herself or himself in court.
  2. The client may hire an attorney to appear in court on a particular issue such as child custody and support. The client will represent him or herself on all other issues.
  3. A client may hire a lawyer to help with more complicated aspects of a matter such as discovery and legal research, while the client handles the more simple aspects of a matter on his or her own.
  4. A client may want a lawyer to represent him or her at a deposition.
  5. A client may hire a lawyer to coach him or her on how to prepare and present evidence.

Courts approve of limited-scope representation because they want to encourage people to get as much legal assistance as they need to protect their rights.  Courts are also aware that many people cannot afford a full scope lawyer.  Judges feel that parties to a proceeding will do a better job of following court procedures and rules, if an attorney helps them prepare the more complicated aspects of a case. I represent individuals on a limited scope basis.  After meeting with a client and assessing his or her needs, I will draft a contract that is tailored to their specific situation.