“Randi represented me a few years ago in a modification for child support. She was direct and to the point when I first contacted her. She was up-front about how the case needed to be handled. I was glad that she spelled things out to me since this was all new to me. I found her to be friendly. I felt that Randi handled my matter professionally. She really seemed to care about me and my son.”
- Carmen Bryant-Volpe, RVT
“I have several family members that live just north of Los Angeles. One of them was having issues related to child support payments from her Ex. I was referred to Randi through a local attorney in my hometown. She answered all of my questions throughly and I retained her for that legal issue. She handled the matter both professionally and affordably.”
- Tom O’Leary, Internet Marketing Specialist
"For those of you who know Randi, you know her as a beautiful and kind lady. I also know her as an attorney who has represented me and to tell you the truth, I’d hate to be opposite her on any legal case. This beautiful lady becomes a pit-bull! But she won my case and I’m grateful to her for that.”
 - Juris Bunkis, M.D., F.A.C.S.
L.A. Family Law Attorney
Los Angeles Family Law Attorney, Randi Susan Klein
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